May 272014

I know I teased one of my Grandfathers poems last week but I couldn’t find one…Until now!  It took me a while.  That opening sentence sounds like one of those squeeze pages I have been reading so many of lately.  But this poem is free.

My Grandfather was a dairy farmer and he liked to compose poems while milking his cows.  Most of his poems are about the things in his life and they were an influence on me.  He was a good man who worked hard and I figured if he could write poetry then I could as well.

My Orchard

By: J. Emerson Staples

I love to sit out in the Orchard just at the close of day,

And watch the sun as it slowly sinks behind those hills so far away.

The shadows they have come and gone,

Stretching from tree to tree,

Then I know that darkness is coming,

And will soon come and cover me.

Then the moon comes peeking through those trees

Lighting up the Orchard so its beauty I can see.

The fragrance of those blossoms

Is whisked to me upon the gentle canyon breeze.

And I know that on the morrow

Each blossom will be visited by those busy buzzing bees.

Then I look into the future, what a glorious sight to see,

Those trees loaded with sweet, juicy apples

Just waiting there for you and me.

I am thankful God created orchards

Even if it’s only one for me,

So I can sit out there and ponder

And thank him for the many, many blessings that he has given me.

Until next week, Have a great one and thanks for reading.


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  1. Aaawwwe… awe… Yum

    Nothing more needs to be said.


    • marcy you finally got a gravatar! Good work!

      • I thought the other one you had for me was … 100% Funny!!!!

        Well – Yeah – I am not one to take pictures. So yes, it was a big step for me to get it registered. I scratched something of my list. Goal accomplished!

        • Oh and if you know how to shade out the background without showing my coffee pot – :0) Please let me know.

          • you can use photoshop or some others like it and just crop out you. Or you can use a filter that will highlight you and darken the background. Or you can just leave it! There is nothing wrong with a coffee pot in the background.
            That other gravatar is wordpress created, you can set some different random pics to use if people don’t have a gravatar. The monsters one is fun.

  2. Beautiful, great imagery. Thanks for sharing.

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