Jun 062012

Hello there!  I hope you are all doing well, I am finally back with another podcast that promises to be even better than before!  I have a new format and some new ideas for the podcast so hang on tight!


Links to things from todays podcast:

  1. Amazon’s Kindle
  2. Worlds Strongest Librarian blog (great book reviews)
  3. Harland Highway
  4. Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
  5. Justins Brain Pan mailing list
  6. Justin’s Deals and Offers Mailing List
  7. Brenda’s Quilt Shop Blog
  8. Brenda’s Quilt Shop Merchandise
  9. Brenda’s Quilt Shop Mailing List
  10. Brenda’s Hobby Sites
  11. Cantankerous Old Coots Blog
  12. Cantankerous Old Coots Mailing List
  13. Ebay Training
  14. Halloween Graphics
  15. Christmas Graphics
  16. List Building Techniques
  17. Woodworking skills

Thanks for listening, I would love some feedback!


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