May 272014
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Maybe it is just a cop out, but I like reading some of this old poetry.  I am very much trying to use it to write some more.  It somehow feels awkward to write poetry right now.  I don’t know why it should, one of the main themes of poetry is pain and I have had enough crap tossed at me from the giant crap cannon lately that it should be pretty good.  I will have to work on that.  I think I promised new stuff this week but it isn’t going to happen.  maybe next week.

This poem is a bit different today.  I was playing with classical poetry and Iambic pentameter at the time.  This one is not in Iambic pentameter but it is more of a lyrical or epic style poem.  Plus is has war in it, how can you beat that?

Cry Forth, Sweet Agony

By: Justin Matthews

Cry forth the trumpets,

Let the Lords reign.

Be all ye joyful,

Fear not the strain.

Round goes the world,

Confusing to keep,

Full of surprises,

Its secrets held deep.

Alone in the maelstrom,

In deep thought I sit.

My pen dances lithely,

Refusing to quit.

A dark Desperation,

A yearning to Scream,

Drives my life forward,

To challenge unseen.

The fight to survice,

To find one in love,

Drives men to their Deaths,

To fields covered in blood.

Yet love that be true,

Survives all that is naught,

To this noble end,

Wars will always be fought.

I searched till I found,

One who is worth Death,

My life now is Hers,

To my very last Breath.

True Love have I found,

All the Rulers be damned,

I fight to the death,

To Sweet Agony’s sound.

He heart is my beacon,

My pen sheds the light,

My soul is consumed,

As my cry splits the night,

“Sweet Agony you come!

“Be Thee now Cursed,

“Thy Fierce tongues of longing,

“Shall ne’er disperse!

“The true flame of Love,

“The soul that’s divine,

“The joining together,

“Of her heart and mine.”

Death be to he,

That dares raiseth a hand,

In hate to my Love,

I’ll place him in the ground,

To rot in torment,

Eternal as Love,

To fear Absolution,

Until the flight of a Dove,

Lifts the curse of torment,

From his loathsome form,

And transgressions be wiped,

And sins be then torn.

Yet fight I will,

For Truth and Right,

Opposition be Damned!

Sweet Agony! To Flight!

What think ye of that one????  By the way, Look forward to my second favorite holiday in 3 weeks, International Talk Like A Pirate Day!  Get yer scurvy bilge rat forms over to and brush up on yer pirate so ye can celebrate like the salty dogs ye need be.  Dismisssed!

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