May 272014
Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

You ever have those times when you are looking at the calendar and say (*insert explicitive here*) I haven’t written anything  yet.

You ever look back at some half done posts or some titles that sounded interesting at the time but just don’t seem like they are worth finishing?  Yea it is like that today.

I have 3 half finished posts that are actually pretty good, I just don’t know if I should finish them or plug on with new stuff.  One is over a year old now and not really relevant, but had some good research and interesting facts.  maybe I should finish it for that, for the legacy of my Aunt who the post was about and is now ailing in an assisted living center.  Another was a great report on a camping trip with my kids…..last September.  I would like to finish that but, meh.

So, back into the swing, back into writing because I AM A WRITER dammit!  But, do I finish these or just go on?  Does anyone out there have posts that they would like to finish but just sit on the back burner for so long that it is  just not reasonable to finish them?  Or is it just time to move on and keep posting things that happen from day to day?  Is there anyone really out there reading this or are all of the hits on my site just robots and Google Nazi’s?

I should come up with a giveaway for real people reading this blog, especially now that it has been so long since regular postings.  What to do.  I think for now, I will write as it hits me and who knows, maybe one of those hits will be to finish those old posts.

We will have to see.


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