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Hello again.  I hope there is some interest left in this blog, hopefully I can get back on the horse and write like I should.

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Anyhow, I found this old poem in a book last week.  I call it “Revolution” but any title suggestions would work.  This was another written during some strange mindset that had to do with war inspired epic style poems.  They all have to do with swords and sorcery themes though, I have yet to write the Viet Nam epic or the Iraq narrative.  That actually gives me an idea……

For today, enjoy “Revolution” and let me know what you think in the comments below.  This blog is like a fairy, you have to believe in it for it to exist.  so clap (leave a comment) and it will continue to rise!





By: Justin Matthews

The revolution begins, the trumpets cry forth,

A stout wind begins to blow from the North.

A dark storm approaches, for now it won’t be long,

‘Till the oppression is ended and we’ve righted the wrongs.

Our hero emerges, a shadowy soul,

To break the resistance, is his only goal.

Defiant he stands, in the face of the storm,

His sword raised in protest, his voice raised in song.

O’er the murderous forces struggling to kill,

His war song goes forth, strong and not shrill.

With a cry and a yell, forward he springs,

into the midst of his foe, for Country, for King.

Hacking and slashing, thrusting and parry,

Out hero unscathed emerges Death, ever so scary.

Begging and pleading, they part on his blade,

knowing all well that they will never be saved.

Slashing and stabbing while casting a spell,

the errie midnight darkness envelops them well.

The dark it enfolds until the last foe has fallen,

and our hero stands tall, victory’s cheer he is callin’.

And suddenly the sky is alight with the sun,

And with a scream and a cheer, the battle is done.

And our hero fades back into the dark whence he came,

The hero of all, yet none knew his name.

A wraith of great prowess, endurance and form,

is gone on the heels of the storm.

Gone to wait until we need him again….

Have a great Tuesday.


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