May 272014

I was on Twitter the other day and was having some great conversations with a few people.  It struck me how this type of communication has actually been around for 20+ years.  This will date me and label me a huge geek, but who remembers a time before the internet?

A time when monitors were 1 color (amber or green).  A time when learning BASIC in school was the gifted and talented program.  On Atari 2600’s with the membrane keyboard.   A time with 5 1/4″ floppy disks.  How cool it was when a 3.5″ disk could hold 1.44 MB of info on it.  A time when “online” meant “modeming”.  Calling into some local guys server and chatting with 20 or so people until you got bumped off by a timeout at 1 hour.

This was the BBS system.  A BBS was a bulletin board system.  It was a place to upload and download stuff, leave messages, and chat with people.  And it was DOS based!  Gold star if you can remember the command to move up and down in the directory.  I loved DOS mainly because it bugged my dad that I knew how to mess with his computer.

I am specifically focusing on the chat rooms in this discussion.  The chat rooms were set up so I could type something, hit enter and it would go out to anyone who was looking in that same forum.  Then I could read their stuff and go back and forth all night.  Now we have Twitter.  The only real difference despite the worldwide internet, cable modems, windows upgrades (Remember win 3.1 that you had to start every time???) is the 140 character limit.  Most of the time when we were chatting, responses were not that long.

I was really drawn back to those fun old days when I was tweeting the other night.  Sad though the demise of the humble BBS, it was a great way to interact with people.  Hell, I met my wife in one of those chat rooms.  We started going out and didn’t modem much after that.  That was 17 years ago.  Bah!

They were also good to piss off my dad because he was convinced I was going to download a virus.  I never did get one, but one leveled his system just 2 weeks ago…Norton be damned.

Does anyone else remember the BBS glory days?  Leave a comment and lets chat about it!

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  8 Responses to “I did the Twitter thing 20 years ago!”

  1. Hey Justin, don’t remember those days, probably was fishing or somehthing…all that bbs dosmklssoi kils Lilp; I sa da blah blah blah lost me there. I do remember talkin the shiz up on Yahoo mess. and myspace… and even met a few heifers and had fun together… those were the days. but today..twitter is only difference because it has a wider range of misfits so to speak…that is if you want to reach out..
    Still rather be fishing….
    .-= Lees Shizzle´s last blog ..How to For your Internet Marketing Geeks ~ No Bones About it =-.

    • Twitter really brings the world into it. I can be talking to people in Kansas, California, Toronto, and the UK all at the same time. Long Distance charges would kill you on a BBS system

  2. brother I’m from the atari, sinclair days too man I loved loading up my games (that were on tape back then) loved it lol. When the KB was king! lol now my watch has more memory that those old machines.

    Great stuff dude
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..Video Post – The Power Of You =-.

    • I almost forgot about cassette drives. FF to 357 (sort of) to get your program. Makes me laugh how cool and advanced we used to think that was. I remember learning my first if/then routine and thinking that was one of the coolest things ever, I could give someone a choice…..and don’t get me started on the RND routine….

  3. Haha, my first computing experiences were in grade school on an Apple IIe. Oh memories.

  4. Yeah. Been there, done that, for sure. I played simple atari-style games on those 5-1/4s.

    And I know DOS, too, even though I don’t remember a lot of the commands anymore. But I used to make up simple little programs when I was probably around 10 years old.

    I remember the BBs but wasn’t on them that regularly…that I can remember.

    My chatting glory days peaked when I was probably around 14 or 15 on a little provider called Prodigy where I would flirt with “hot” guys who were probably just fat geeks with nothing to do. 😉 (They were all quite impressed with me, though. Of course. LOL.)

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