May 272014

The other day my doorbell rang.  Upon answering, there was one of the kids from around the corner standing there with a couple of other kids from our street.  They started with “Do you want to buy a raffle ticket for our raffle of stuff?”  I thought this odd.

I checked the “No” that was forming on my lips and asked what they were giving away in the raffle.  “Just some stuff” was his answer.  I said no thanks, an shut the door thinking, just some stuff was a bunch of nothing.  I already had it figured that my dollar would go into this kids pocket and end up with the ice cream man or something.

There was no real raffle.  I got to thinking that this kid was actually a decent marketer.  He will do well on the internet with all of those other scheisters that try to sell us stuff.  Think about this, how many slick sales pages have you seen that promise something, part you from your money and you get a mediocre ebook that you never read or even just a series of emails that will probably end up in your spam filter anyway.

Tons and tons right?  I saw the beginnings of 2 infomercials tonight both promising over $11,000 in profit the first month for part time work!  That sounds fantastic and I really wish I could get in on some of that action.  Well for only 3 easy payments of $49.95 I could get in on it, aka, would you like to buy a raffle ticket?

The only people who really seem to make money at these programs are the guys selling the programs.  There are certain people who sell stuff that sounds like a fantastic book but if you dig deeper they have been to prison for fraud and are probably scamming you again.

If you wan’t to spend your hard earned cash on something, go for it.  Just be aware that you are gambling with that cash and you may never see any of it again.

So, wanna buy a watch?

tell me what you think in the comments below.


PS if you want to buy something, I have a couple of great products in my affiliate stable that I really like, Blog Post Engineering and How to Build an E-book.  Check them out if you are interested.  I also have my first Fiction Saturday e-book, Death With a Vengeance, available.  If you have some cash waiting to be used that is.  At least you will get something, and hopefully not just used bytes on your hard drive.

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