May 272014

The time for bed approaches and I am trying to decide if I should give up and go to bed or keep writing posts! My body says tired, my mind says tired, the energy drink I had a while ago says Write you lazy bastard!  So I write.

Lately I have been working on organizing my day to get everything done that I need to.  I have discovered that I can’t just go all out and hope to get my blog maintained, posts written, house cleaned, family taken care of, and the “other” stuff done.

I found myself glued to the computer, reading blogs, trying to figure out where I am going to be able to open my rss reader, and all of a sudden it was time to get the kids from school and get dinner started.  Oh crap the laundry hasn’t made it downstairs yet.  Oh crappier, the dishes still have to be done…so that was the smell…did we eat lunch?

Yea, it was getting to be a mess.  I am working through some sort of “getting to writing procrastination” garbage that is not helping.  I am still getting my stuff done, just not how I want to.  I started to divide up the day and use the timer method that many others use.

I even got a special timer to help with this, I will have a review of that later this week.  It’s called the Gymboss, it’s beauty.  Anyway, it seems that the timer method is very much going to help get me organized.  I am splitting time into 2 hour blocks and devoting 30 minutes to each task.  At the end of the 30 mins, I have been just stopping and going to the next task.  It has been great to actually get some things done around the house.

Now I have to get time figured out to add in outdoor stuff.  Spring is coming to Utah and my yard needs some help.  If you know how to get rid of freaking grape hyacinth, let me know.

I think I am getting a good balance figured out.  Writing, emails, reading, commenting, maintenance, housework, outdoor work, writing, and blog posts.  A good way to fill a day.  I also realized that I have got to crank out some more fiction for my Saturday Series.  I have used the only 2 complete short stories that make any sense already.  Time to get writing some new stuff!

So now you all must be asking yourselves, how can I help.  Ok most of you are probably not asking yourself anything but when this post is going to end.  Soon I promise.  Here is how you can help.  Keep reading my humble blog, recommend it to your friends, your enemies, and that guy down the street who may have a use for it.

I am going to be running a poll this week about future posts that you may like to see.  I hope to get some great feedback from that.  I have decided to place the mailing list on pause for a bit, I will still make myself put out the newsletter every month but that will be about it.  Please sign up if you are so inclined, I will start putting up exclusive to the newsletter stuff starting in May.

Now for the big one, Please leave comments with how you organize your time so that you can get everything done that you need to do.  What things do you slack off on?  What do you give up on altogether?  I hope to get some great comments and be able to do a followup with lots of backlinks and credits.  Maybe a prize for the 17th commenter…

Of course if you feel so inclined as to write a ton of stuff and want it included, I am open for guest posts!  All you have to do is email me.

If you are reading this, you are fabulous!


PS.  If you are reading this, you are incredibly patient.

PPS. If you are reading this, you are finally at the end!  Go comment and get on with your life!

  6 Responses to “Should I sleep or Write more?!?!”

  1. I have been tripping over time management for months and making very little progress. I used the weekly planning that Steve Scott recommends but still had the problem with daily planning. He uses 45 minute blocks. Then over at Mars Dorian, he was raving about tomatoes and 25 minute blocks. Still haven't read that report but it is on my list. Fortunately my baby is 26 and can usually wash his own clothes. For you, I think your best bet is to get those kids out on their own. Eight should be old enough but for that to work for you, you have to stop making more.

    • I am working on the 25 minute model, actually I upped it to 30 but with the same idea. It is going fairly well. If 8 is the time to get the kids out I am 2 years too late on one. It is coming though. Thanks Ralph

  2. I had to laugh Justin. Your third paragraph is me. It's the Easter holidays here so I have all three children home. It's 2pm, I have a kitchen to clean, laundry to put on to wash, two more loads to fold and all three children are still in their PJs! That said, we're all smiling 😀

    I have no time management tips for you really, especially not at this time of year when the children are home all day. However, when I have a couple of hours peace and quiet on a school day, the most important thing for me to do if I have writing to complete is to shut off email and twitter. My phone has a nasty habit of pinging every time I have mail and being the nosy girl I am, I have to quickly check it 😉 Same with msn and gtalk. Turn it off and I get some writing done 😀

    • I also groaned at the Easter holiday when the kids were off for the week. We made it through though. I am lucky to not have a phone that connects to the net or I would be in real trouble. I do have to shut all of my Firefox windows or I am too distracted that is for sure. Thanks for commenting Eleanor! Let me know about that ad for your site, I would love to help.

      • Just a week off at Easter? Lucky you. Mine have been off since April 1st and don't go back until next Tuesday (20th) so it's still noisy, messy chaos here. Having said that, it's happy noise (the majority of the time!) so I can't really complain.

        Thanks for the offer of help too. That's very kind of you 🙂 What dimensions work best for you? I'm doing a 125×125 for Ben Lumley but Doolin recommended doing a 62px so by the time I get done, I'll have a few options available 😉

        Speaking of help, if you (and/or Ralph) ever have anything to write that doesn't fit either of your blogs, the chances are good that we can find a place for it on GAB. As you've seen, we publish a variety of stuff and the community posts are something I'm keen to promote over the coming weeks and months. There's always a link back to your blog so it's good publicity too 😉

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