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Exercise and Kettlebells

Why kettlebells are cool…for me

There are so many different places around the web to find out about all things kettlebell.  I just want to tell the world why I like them.

First, there is nothing quite like a piece of iron.  Doesn’t matter what kind, iron is cool.  I play with the blacksmith’s trade as well and there is something very very satisfying about taking something as elemental as iron and bending it to your will.  I don’t intend to forge a kettlebell or change a kettlebell beyond drilling a hole in it (see…ake-you-so-far/ for pics of that).  I like to swing the things around.  It is much the same as swinging a hammer.  Primal.

There is a totally different feeling when finishing a kettlebell workout than finishing any other type.  I am usually very tired but still feel like I can go out and move a mountain.  or pick up a car.  (one of my future goals as well)  I have never felt the same type of feeling with any machine I have ever been on and I have not even felt it with free weights.

There is a sense of something old, a part of something historical when using kettlebells.  There are several out there with lovely colored vinyl coatings, I don’t have those.  I have black iron kettlebells.  I want them to get beat up.  I want chips and dents.  I want minor rust.  I want to tame “The Beast” (106 pound kettlebell).  A far out goal but still I want to be part of that too short list.

I like to be a part of old history.  I want to be a trapper in the early 1800’s.  I like to make clothes in styles that predate the Civil War.  I like to lift kettlebells.

I am not going to give any instructions, there are too many others better at it than me; but start at and surf there if you are interested.  Otherwise seek out an RKC certified trainer.  I will be one in the future.  I can’t wait to join those ranks.

Now, if you will excuse me, it is time to do my swings and maybe go find a mountain to move.


Punching Heavy Bags and Blog Posts

It has been a while since I have punched a heavy bag with any real intent. The last one was at my Dad’s house before I was married 12 years ago. This weekend I went and bought a heavy bag. I hung it up in the basement and proceeded to punch the crap out of it.

Apart from being very satisfying and realizing that my technique is poor right now, I was thinking how those few minutes with the bag equate to blogging. So here goes.

1. There is nothing more satisfying than landing a good hard punch, straight on and powerful. If you throw it right, you can feel the power coming from your legs up through your back, shoulder and arm.   Pavel Tsatsouline says that a kettlebell snatch is the closest thing to throwing a punch.  I am not sure about that yet, but I know that I can punch harder since starting with the kettlebells.

Like an actual punch, there is nothing more satisfying than a blog post that hits right in your target market and blows people away.  There is power in words that can move mountains.  There is however the question of how to judge effectiveness.  A punch is immediate, and gives instant feedback.  It is either good or not.  A post must wait for page views and comments.

2.  You can also hit a glancing blow on the bag that just causes it to spin and has not real power to it.  There are post like that, they are there, you know they have been written, but they are weak.  If your whole site is like that it will fail.  There has to be a learning curve, a few great posts, a few bad posts, then a bunch of knockouts.

3.  If you hit wrong, you can do damage.  If you don’t learn and continue to hit wrong, you can do permanent damage.  This is much the same with your posts.  I’m not saying you cant be wrong, or that you will not be wrong.  The point is, if you are wrong, admit it or don’t but learn from it and change.  If you keep posting bad posts (aka wrong technique) and you don’t change it you can have your blog fizzle out and be only a statistic.

4 Good technique is the only thing that will help you.  With boxing, kettlebells or writing, good technique will keep you safe and show results.  With writing, and blogging, good technique will keep you afloat and will keep readers coming.

I hope that I am using that good technique.  Yesterday I posted late because of other things.  It was interesting to note that as soon as that post notification was sent out via twitter I checked the post and went to my daily count.  In less than 20 seconds there were 16 visitors online at the same time.  That tells me my goals are coming and my blog is growing.

Dont forget to check out my Pre-Writing Challenge page!  We start Friday!

Thanks for reading this far.  There will be no quiz today.


How I Got Into Kettlebells

It has been over a year now.  I mark the weekend of St. Patricks Day as my official entry into the kettlebell world.  I guess that I could say it was February of 2009 that I started but that was not as memorable.

So here is the chronicle of my rise to the kettlebell.  My wife and I have been looking for something to supplement our weight machine and elliptical.  She asked if I had heard of these “kettle thingies”.  I didn’t realize it but I had.  I remember saying “those are those Russian things that are supposed to be really good exercise.”  I did some research after that and decided that I was right, kettlebells were a great workout.

In February, I went a bought a set of kettlebells at Big 5 sporting goods.  The set had a 5#, 10#, 15#, and 20# and it was on sale.  That is what sold it for me.  I looked up some exercises and started with the 15 and 20#.  I was quickly done with both as they were way too light.

It was St. Patricks Day weekend in 2009 that I bought my first 35# bell and went crazy from there.  Now I have written about how cool kettlebells are for me before.  I have also written about how much time I have spent researching and playing around.  I am fairly content now, using my 35# for most things and my new 55# that I got for Christmas for swings and heavier practice.

I just love using the things.  I don’t do much with the lighter bells anymore.  Even with all the time I spent drilling out the 15# bell I don’t load it up much anymore.  I am teaching my kids to use the bells though.  My 3 year old uses the 5# for “up downs” which are her versions of swings.  This is one of the main reasons that I started with kettlebells.

I want to get healthy and stay healthy.  I want my family to be healthy.  I want my family to have something to do together that will let us go play baseball all day long.  I want my kids to be strong both mentally and physically.  They should be able to lift heavy things.

I would live to hear comments!


I Stinkius…

Before the meat of this story, This will be my 100th post on this site!  I am excited.  It is ok.  you can sit down and stop the fanfare.


I was training with my kettlebells the other day.  After I had finished, I picked my lungs up from the floor and headed to the shower.  That is where the title of this post hit me.

I, Stinkius, of the most sweaty and foul

do hereby declare mandatory bathing for all of the subjects in the realm.

At the outset of the kettlebell manifesto and implementation,

The de-stinky proclamation will be enforced.

This will include all members of the Empire from the oldest, (me) to the not yet born.  Your time will come.

Wherefore the decree will state that only through the act of becoming Stinkius will the kettlebell or the punching bag be effective to long term health, but the immediate implementation of the De-Stinky proclamation will be required.

Just something silly for Friday. It is snowing here in Salt Lake.  Head outside if you can!

Tomorrow is Fiction Saturday!  It was scheduled to be the end of Jackson Malone, but will it be???  I don’t even know.  I do know that the ebook that was going to accompany the finale will not be available until May 15th.

Due to some feedback and arm twisting by that evil mastermind Carlos over at Conscious Me, (who i am quite convinced is trying to take over the Blogistan (watch out Dave Doolin)) I am rewriting Jackson Malone for the ebook.  It is going to end up at novella length at this point, and there will probably be other stories starring him later.

So, tomorrow, Jackson Malone!  The end?  Maybe.  Ebook on May 15th.

Chime in if you will!


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