May 272014

I have been putting off this post for a while now. No really. I am not just saying that. I wrote the title and a few notes on October 18, 2010. I am glad that all of my posts are not this late.

It seems I am behind all over the place, especially taking last week off.  I am trying to catch up now, but the old maxim is true- it is easier to keep up than catch up.  Even the post I have for tomorrow started back at the end of September.  Which brings me to 2 questions.  1- Do you procrastinate?  Every one does to some extent.  2- Has procrastination caused you to miss out on something that is potentially good?

Back in March of this year when I was gung ho and ready to do anything I got an email from Mike Cliffe-Jones (check out his blog here) about becoming and affiliate of his book The Beginners Guide to Blogging.  I joined his “training” course and bought the book.  I then got several emails to help sell the thing.

Well it took me a few days to read the book but I never quite got around to putting out emails or promoting the sale anywhere.  Including here on my blog.  Now, the book is free from his site and I have learned a valuable lesson about internet business and getting things out to market as soon as possible.

I most definitely learned a good lesson, wait too long and the opportunity is gone.  I hate to make resolutions because they are so rarely followed. So I am making part of my business plan for 2011 “Do it now!  Opportunity won’t wait for you to get off your lazy butt!”  I am putting that in big red letters on the wall right above my desk.

Here is a challenge to you all, don’t procrastinate this year.  See what you can do if you get things done as they need to be.

I would love to read your comments below and please take the time to share on the social networking sites! Thanks in advance, you readers are why I keep doing this!


May 272014

Yes friends it is a statement virtually everyone on the planet has uttered at some point.  “Yea, I’ll do it when I get around to it.”  Well then, here!

These are silly things but very popular a few years ago.  I remember being on vacation with my parents 20+ years ago and my mom found one of these, scratch that a bucket of these wooden disks with only “Tuit” written on them.  She laughed for days on that vacation, all over the tuit.

The point of all of this, go ahead and download the pictures and realize that you no longer have an excuse.  have you heard the phrase, “Excuses are like *insert your favorite body part here, the more graphic the better*, everybody has one.”  Well excuses don’t pay the bills or get the writing done or get the new kitchen sink installed. ( I still have some counter work to do before I can set the sink but I wanted to write for a minute.)


Here is something interesting I didn’t get this post finished a week ago so here I am.  I guess I need a new tuit because mine is a crock of crap.  I did get my kitchen put together and countertops installed though.  I just am now not giving the tuit its due.  I have a few different ones now and I have no more excuses.  This week I will get all of my writing done.  I will get some posts ready for days that I run short on time.  I will be back to the point I was a year ago when things were new and flying furiously from my fingers.

Hold on because I now have gotten a round tuit.

Thanks for reading, I have some interesting posts planned that I just haven’t written yet.  Let me know what you think about things.


Nov 112013

Just have to keep it up I say to myself.  Just do it.  How do you ever expect to make anything as a writer if you don’t write?  That is where I am today.  I did get some great Christmas shopping done and a few other things that I needed to do, but it took me quite  the long time to get around to writing.

See I have this problem, I like to procratinate and talk alot.  I am full of …..well knowledge among other things.  I have spent way too much time reading or “researching” how to do things instead of just doing them.

I started kettlebell training last February.  I read a bit then got some small kettlebells.  Then I read.  and Read.  And Read.  Trained a little, and read a lot.  If knowledge of the kettlebell were worth anything tangible, I would be rich.  As it is I am somewhat stronger and do like to use them, but I spend way too much time reading about them and complaining about Jillian Michaels doing it wrong.  Bah.

I am getting the same way about my writing.  I am finally getting off of my duff to write a book that I hope can be published within a year.  I have read tons  of blogs on writing and blogs just to read.  I have written very little.  I have ideas, I have well researched dates to be somewhat historically accurate.  I have barely 1000 words written.

I started this blog to write.  To force myself to write something without consequences.  To write something where the only deadline is midnight.  To force myself to craft, to craft sentences that are coherent and a cohesive message each day.  I can do it.  I have always been able to write fairly well, at least that is smoke that has been blown at me since elementary school.

Hopefully I will accomplish a decent blog.  I am going to work on it.  I will at least write for me whether or not anyone else reads it.  I owe ME that much.  Maybe I will find something of myself in all of these pixels and HTML codes.

Write on,


Sep 262013

I love to be inspired.  I’m sure everyone does at some point.  It is great to sit down and be struck in the face with a fantastic posting idea but lets face it, how often does that actually happen?  How much more realistic is is to have a great idea on the way to the bathroom or in line at the bank?

I keep a digital recorder around to hang onto these ideas.  That doesn’t mean any of those ideas will ever see the light of day or be pounded into my computer.  There are the days when I do have an idea and can get it down quickly so it works.  There are days when I play around on the internet and am extremely undisciplined because I am doing “research” or “learning” and it is all BS.  These are the days when it is dinnertime and I realize that I still haven’t written, actually WRITTEN, anything but some snarky comments and maybe an email all day.

I started to do that today and I realized that I was telling myself that I was just waiting for something to write about.  I was waiting for inspiration.  That thought brought on this post.  Just waiting around will only cause me to fail in my quest to be a writer and on some of those top 10 blog lists.

And now, for my next trick, I will transcribe some of my post ideas from the recorder.  With luck I can have 2-3 posts lined up by the end of the day.  End of the weekend is more likely though.

Get out and enjoy the weather if you can!  Snow is coming to Salt Lake tonight.  Can’t wait, already have the snowblower gassed up.