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It is simple to read a ton of stuff on the net about making money online.  It is easy to start trying but they don’t tell you actually how hard it is to do “things” right.

There is information about how much work it takes, you do have to look for it.  Many of the people who actually make a great living online work their butts off.

Now, I have been around the blogosphere for a while now, almost 7 months.  I have seen so many make money quick things out there that I can spot a sales pitch in about 12 words.  I have taken steps to try and make sure anything I sell doesn’t sound like those.  As of right now, I have nothing but one fiction ebook to sell.

This weekend I have been working on 2 of my sites that I hope to be making money with right away so that I can write more books.  And more fiction.  I am really trying to create products and interest in what I have to offer.  I am even working on a free ebook for my mail list subscribers and new subscribers, to be released soon.

The other sites I am working on are: First, BrendasQuiltShop.com.  This site I keep calling my wifes, and while it bears her name, and her stuff, it is more of a family business that I do the sales and web stuff for.  We used to have everything up on eBay and we sold some stuff over the years on eBay.  Details are on brendasquiltshop.com.

I decided that eBay was just too expensive to pay listing fees and final value fees for what we have sold.  I try to price stuff with what I think people will pay, that doesn’t leave much profit after the fees.  So I dug into the world of WordPress and integrated a shopping cart that I can list everything we have for sale and sell it myself.  If you get a chance, check it out and send me some feedback about anything I can do better on that site.

The second site that I have been working on is my main business site, AnvilForge Limited.  I am not going to link to it today, it is not finished to where I need it to be.  There is a bunch of copy that I need to write on the about page, and the sales pages, promoting wordpress installs and web maintenance as well as my blogs.

One of these days I will figure out how to write about being a Stay at home dad in a way that will make people want to pay for the privelege of reading it.  I am working on something with real value and not a bunch of worthless info that will sit on someones hard drive and slowly degrade into mediocrity.  Sure, I will have the original investment but I feel strongly about repeat customers and not turning into one of those guys who just sells systems that don’t really help.

So there you are, what they don’t tell you about making money is that it is hard work.  Sitting back and letting money drop on your head is not going to happen.  Yet.   Thanks for reading, I have to get back to work.

Still striving to never work for anyone again,


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  11 Responses to “What they never tell you about making money online.”

  1. Keep striving ….

    I have no problem with working hard, I have a problem with knowing what tools to use. For example, I bought a drill, held it in my hand and wondered why it’s not working. I then realized I don’t have electricity. I bought electricity and excited to get started, but it didn’t work. I then realized I needed to plug it in so I did. It works, but not for what I want to make. So, I find myself digging in my tool chest trying to figure out what tool I need first while reading the manual on how to use the tools.

    I agree the internet offers so many opportunities, but I struggle with information overload. I have decided to focus on one thing at a time. So, today, I will head back over to Dave Doolin’s site to finish building my blog.

    I think you have a good niche with stay at home dads. I believe it is a need to have the support you give to dads. Would creating a membership network site work? Creating networks in cities to include maybe setting up sport events, maybe getting local gyms to provide discounts, create think-tanks for new ventures, provide educational and encouragement seminars. Just a thought –

    • Dave has one of the best sites for building yours that is for sure. He has helped me a ton. I like the local networks idea that may be something really cool. I am working on a “you are a Stay at home dad now what” ebook that is kind of a primer for more, maybe a membership site. Thanks for some different ideas….I do like the network…..

  2. You’re welcome…

    I haven’t dove into learning all the features Merchant Circle provides, but I think (again, I think) you may be able to create a micro-niche site within Merchant Circle and it would provide you to reach a bigger market.

  3. Hey Justin 🙂
    Great job on the site for the family business. My only observation (seeing as you asked) is that you could make your header a little neater. I love the idea of having one of the quilts in the background of the header but the background colour of the main site and the header sort of feel like they’re doing battle.

    You definitely have a market for your stay at home dad ebook. There are so many different ways you could play it but one would be to take the stuff you’re learning and write it all up. It would be like a manifesto for the stay at home entrepreneur.

    But why limit it to dads? There are loads and loads of stay at home mums. If you produced something aimed at stay at home parents, you’d have a much larger market.

    Just my tuppence worth 😉

    El x

    • Thanks for the info on the site, that is just what I needed, fresh eyes to see it! I do like the stay at home entrepreneur being mom or dad….I will have to think more about that one. In society today there are women being sole breadwinners that I amsure would like to be home as well. Thanks for the thoughts I appreciate the feedback!

      • My pleasure Justin 🙂

        My advice would be to just start writing it. Maybe you’re not as bad as me but I have loads of stuff in my head that I’ve thought about that is amazing in my brain. Getting it out is the stuff that takes time and dedication. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have the first draft done 😉

  4. There are tons of “get rich quick” sites out there offering advice, but running a website or any other type of business yourself takes a lot of work, especially when you’re first getting off the ground.

    • It sure does Steve, especially if you want to do something unique or different from everyone else. You can copy others but you will get called out sooner or later. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Yo, checked out the quilt shop on my phone and it looks good! I’m going to try to remember to check it out on the computer when I get home to get a better view.

    One neat little trick I learned with the photography site is to use a plugin called WP Redirects (I think that’s what it’s called). It would allow you to go to eliminate the page at http://brendasquiltshop.com/home/items-currently-for-sale/ and go directly to your shop.

    Just leave that page up and in your nav bar, but redirect it to the shop. Then when people click the nav bar link, it will go straight there.

    When I get on from my computer I will take your email sign up for a test drive. (Feel free to remind me)

    • Glad yo liked it and thanks for the plugin info, I have gone through several ideas to get to the shop itself but that link seemed the best. I am going to install the plugin right now, that is exactly what I needed to do!
      Thanks Carlos!

  6. i love to make money online because i love working at home in front of my pc .

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