Sep 132011

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket is a very old saying that is still true.  Even in this electronic day and age, putting all of your everything into one thing is not good. It is also not good to be spread too thin, having too many projects that just get put off as life intrudes.

The hard part is the balance.  I have been fighting that balance for the past couple of weeks and losing.  I have too many things going on.  I thought everything was beginning to balance and then some little punk goes and hits me with a virus that totally shuts down my main computer.  Not that I don’t have another that I can use even if it is slower, but still, have you ever had to stop and half rebuild on anther machine?  It is frustrating.

I have spent entirely too much time trying to fix that other machine without success.  Now I have decided to give up on it for a while and get back focused on this business that I am trying to build!  This blog has suffered the most, posts have been few and far between.   I haven’t been to other sites to comment and to be around much.   That is all hurting traffic and rankings if not credibility.

I would like to think that I just need a really profound couple of posts strategically placed in queue that will bring so much traffic that all will take care of itself.  A nice thought if not very practical. I have to get back to work on here as well as run our family business site to actually make some money for us.

But I need to find the balance.  The balance between writing here, writing my fiction, and working on that other site while keeping the family happy.  That has been a challenge.  Whatever is said about how sad it is to send kids to school in the fall, it is a darn good thing for getting work done at home.

So this is my conundrum this week.  what exactly to do with 3 websites that I really don’t want to die of course.  I don’t think that there  is a huge push on any one site right now so none will shine.  They all need the magic though, so they all will get a bit of attention.  That is the mediocrity that I seek this week.  Not the relative obscurity of the reset, or the flash of the fantastic, but the mediocrity of still being here.

How many of you out there have done or need to do the same thing?  I have written before about the need to just reboot and start over at times when you get overwhelmed.  Today I am not so sure that is a viable option, at least for now.  David Risley wrote this piece about “The Shallow Pride Of Being Overwhelmed” that brings up a great point, it is up to you to figure out where overwhelmed can be trimmed back and brought into balance, or even mediocrity.

That is mediocrity until you put the greatness out.  Never stop the creation or the pursuit of greatness.  Let me know what you think, the comments are waiting for your input.


PS. It is amazing what happens when you put someones name in a post like David Risley.   Zemanta goes crazy as does my WordPress tag suggestor.  I will have to see if I can tell how much traffic just his name brings in.  Thanks Dave, next post I will try to use Jesus and see if he is as popular to the plugins. 🙂

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  4 Responses to “Delving into Mediocrity”

  1. Why do people get so down with being mediocre when it is the one thing that a majority get good at? Perhaps the problem is that when you are mediocre you settle for doing a mediocre job at being mediocre. Has anyone ever become sublimely mediocre? Surely there is an over-the-top level of mediocrity that just screams for attention. How is that as a goal for today?

    • exactly where does over the top mediocrity become awesomeness? I like to be on the high end of mediocrity but still mediocre…maybe it is time to change perception and definition

  2. Over the top mediocrity is still mediocrity – never awesomeness. They are two different animals. Perhaps you might become awesomely mediocre or mediocrilyy awesome but the two things never merge.

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