Well hello!  I don’t know if I have paointed out enough times the computer problems I have had the past few weeks.  I picked up a virus on my laptop that ended up wiping out most of my OS.  I have been using my laptop for most everything in running my business for the past couple of years.

I spent way too much time working on it until I was able to migrate much of my data to my older desktop and use that.  Now the desktop is a decent computer, same OS and almost as fast s it was ok, just a pain in the rear end.  I used it and it worked fine for  while until I was able to get the factory discs to restore the laptop.

It was only then I found my hard drive was messed up by this same virus.  Ok this is not just a sob story, I have everything sorted out now and I am ok with everything.  I just had a funny thought that inspired this post.

Through all of this, I felt like I was cheating on my laptop with my desktop.  I just hope that, now the laptop is back, the desktop won’t be too pissed.  The desktop knew with wouldn’t last.  It was only a matter of time.  It should be happy I am using it as a server to spool printing and run the wireless network.

Yet, if I ever find the guy who wrote that virus I will personally carve a chuck out of him for every byte of info that I lost, and another chunk for every hour I spent working on it, and yet another chunk for the money I spent fixing it.  Then maybe another for the money I lost while the computer was down.  I would go to court and my defense would be, “But he wrote a virus that I got and it wiped out my system.”  Judge frowns at pile of bloody chunks.  “Case Dismissed, Justifiable Homicde.”

It is funny to put computers in the place of people in a soap opera.  I am just glad it is easier to juggle computers and data than people.  I am continuously intrigued with the people douchebags who cheat on their spouses and how they can live 2 lives like that.  I couldn’t.  I don’t want to.

I will stick to jealous computers.

What you you guys think?


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