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You, You and You, Catharsis of the Bogue is 1!

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Hello!  I know that it seems kind of confusing that I am writing another year anniversary post 3 weeks after the last one, but this is the anniversary of this blog (mostly) in its present form.  This was the day that I migrated from that restrictive and un-monteziable blog to my very own self hosted number, this one here at

I still have but now it is to post my submissions to Shane Arthur’s site, the Creative Copy Challenge.  See my review of that here.

This blog however, has delved into many different areas of my brain and personality.  I spent a while trying to figure out what to call my blog last January, and before I thought too hard on it I went with Justins Brain Pan.  There are many “brain” themed aspects on this site.  That is by design.  I am writing from my brain to yours, all of these ideas come from somewhere inside of me, no matter how demented, how bizarre or profound.

I can only hope that if you are reading this you have found some value in my words, either for entertainment or some interesting knowledge.

And on that same topic, I am releasing my newest ebook today!  I am going to make you sign up for my email list to get it though.  Sign up HERE or use the form over in the right hand sidebar to get your copy of (drumroll) “The Blogging Mindset: 13 Steps to Cultivating a Bloggers Mentality”  It is in lovely PDF form and comes with a bonus checklist.  If you are already part of my mailing list you will have received a link for the ebook already!

Thank you all for your support now as well as a year ago.  You all have helped me keep going this long and I have no plans to stop.

See you Tomorrow.


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