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Hello folks!  I hope you all had a good Easter and are ready to get back into the swing of things this week.  Today, I have a (paid) review of a website that I hadn’t heard of before but will be of great interest to those of you in college especially, JustEssay.com

I have to admit, my first knee jerk reaction to a site where people will write term papers and essays for you was not good.  I thought back to school and all of the papers I had written and  thought, how could you not do your own work and expect a grade from it?

That was all before I explored a site called JustEssay.com at http://justessay.com/essay.   I received an offer to write a review of this website (for compensation, just to be fair and fully disclose) and so I began poking around to see what they had to offer.  After looking into all of the services that they offer, I can see the value of having someone else write a paper for you.

Later, I was talking to my wife about this site and she told me that she knew several people in Nursing School who used similar services to get papers written that they just didn’t want to do.  The more I thought about it, the more I was on board.

Essentially, you are contracting out an assignment, just like everyone will do in business or any other job.  I am handy at many things, but I am going to be hiring someone to redo my driveway.  I can fix some plumbing but I am going to call a guy to put in some new taps correctly.

That is what JustEssay.com at http://justessay.com/does.  They “subcontract” your paper and custom write it for you.  They write original content that is guaranteed not to be plagiarized or copied anywhere else.  All of their staff is Master degree or PhD level writing professionals who truly know how to write in English!

They also guarantee that your paper will be free of errors and ready on time.  Since you are buying the paper, you have the rights to turn it in with your name on it as well, just like when you hire someone to build something for you, it is yours afterwards.  They spend the time that you don’t have to researching, and actually writing a first class paper.

I think back now to how many pointless papers I had to write in both high school and college and think that if I had it to do over, many of these I could have contracted out.  I can’t remember more than a scant handful that I had to deliver orally, most were turn in and get back later and that was the end of it.  I could have saved a lot of time and put that effort into something else with a service like JustEssay.com.

They will send you your paper via email as well so you have a chance to read it and make any changes that you need to.  They want you to succeed and have a great paper to turn in.  So after all of this, would I recommend JustEssay.com?  You bet I would, and I plan on using the service when my wife heads back to Graduate School.  I know there are going to be more papers that she will have to write that we will not have much time for with the kids running around.

So, if you are in the market for a first class, well researched, well written essay, paper, dissertation, thesis, or book report, head over to JustEssay.com at http://justessay.com/buy_essay.  You will be glad to have the free time.

Have a great Tuesday.



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  1. Next thing you know, people will be contracting out their kids and their jobs. Heck, who writes your blog anyway?

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