Saturday with Friends and Family  028

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Hello again folks.  Well I was digging again into some old papers and not only did I come across this little gem that you will shortly enjoy, but I found something like 6 copies of a story that I have been working on in parts since high school.

All of these starts were basically the same but all written on different scraps of paper at different times.  I need to collate and get that story written.  It is part 5 of a series that is probably my favorite thing I have ever written.  Maybe I will rewrite the whole thing from the start and put it up for fiction Saturday.  I am thinking of restarting that.

If anyone has been reading fiction saturday and remembers the Man In The Hazy Suit, you will remember that it isn’t finished.  I am going to rectify that and if you would like to read the ending, send me an email and I will send you the completed story for free!  No opt in, no joining my list (although that would be nice too), just free for the asking.  It will be finished before Valentines Day.

For now, here is some poetry!  I would still like to hear from you with any comments or questions or criticism or anything else.  Let’s talk!


By: Justin Matthews

Ebony velvet reflects my soul.

Empty? Filled?  My heart knows not.

Confusion abounds.

Mystery reigns in uncertain futures

Beginnings anew, Life will come?

Fears forgotten?  When?  If ever?

How shall I cope?

What hope do I have at escape?

My soul is its own prison.

Inescapable, foreboding.

Questions abound, answers few.

I retreat into my inky void,

to try and dull the pain.

There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, Have a great Tuesday


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