May 272014

Man has it been an exciting day in Blogistan!  For some reason, my blog blew up today!  For the past few months I have been hoping every day to beat 72 visitors.  That was the most people that visited my site according to the Count Per Day plugin. I have been running that one since I started.  StatPress always shows a few more but it isn’t as pretty.

So I have been getting in the 60’s most of the time.  Today, I had 93 visitors when I checked 20 minutes after my latest post.  And it has just gone higher and higher.  At the time I wrote this, 2130 MDT (GMT-7), there were 218 visitors and almost 1100 pageviews!  That is TRIPLE what I have been getting.  I can only hope that this blog is catching on and this will be normal!

Sorry to brag like that but holy crap I am excited!  According to the calendar, I am just a week and a half away from my 3 month mark.  I hit a slight stumble of writers block after the Pre-Writing challenge but I am still going strong.  I am still planning my ebooks and fiction posts and where to go forward.

With help from Mike CJ I am working through the Beginners Guide to Blogging (look for a post on that soon) and will be pushing more and more things the right way.  I can’t be stopped.

Beware all of you who think that I will be giving up because I will still be here pumping out content and promoting.  I hope my traffic will continue  like this, I can see that it ended up with 251 views and 1244 pageviews.  That is far an above anything I have done up to now.  That is over half of the visitors that I had last WEEK!!

Enough from me now.  Thanks for reading and making my blog a success!  I would love to hear from you in the comments section below, can never have enough comments!  You can also sign up for my mail list, I am blitzing this week to get some subscribers!

Thanks for being here!


  4 Responses to “Is that your blog or is your brain leaking?”

  1. Who knew that kettlebells would have such a following?
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..More Tongue Tickling Words =-.

  2. Hey Justin, keep it up. It will pay off. Persistence and patience is the key.
    For a long time my blog was averaging 12-15 a day. No I get 200 times that.
    .-= Robert Bravery´s last blog ..Blog Research – Who gets the credit? =-.

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