Sep 262013

Hey Folks!  Today I bring you another review, this one is not an affiliate link yet!

If you are not listening to Blogger Beats, you should be.  Twice every week, Nathan Hangen (you have heard of him right?) and Oleg Mokhov bring you a great mix of music and inspiring messages to help get your workday started.  Or something like that.

Basically, Nathan comes in at the first with something to think about.  How to make your blog a business, or your business a success.  Then you have 25 minutes or so of some great music from Oleg.  This is not super beat heavy dance club music and it definitely does not put you to sleep.   I am not a big fan of most electronic music but this is good stuff.

I gets in your head in a way that really lets you concentrate on your writing and not what is playing in the background.  I have been listening and writing at the same time for a while now, and most of the time I don’t notice the time flying by.  I have a bunch written when Nathan comes on again at the end to sum up his earlier question.

I have been digging the beats since the launch of the site, and I am hooked.  Recently, they have released music only mixes that are sans-Nathan but with all of the good music.  I put a bunch of those in a playlist the other day and wrote almost 2000 words before I noticed that I had been writing that long!

The details:  Head over to and sign up.  You get a week free and then it is $9 per month for 2 episodes per week.  For a dollar and some change, per episode you get some great tunes and motivation that just may kick your business in the rear end.  Give up a Red Bull per week and you pay for it.  And then some.

Go get in on the beats, I am really digging them. And they are not paying me to say this.  Yet.

See you tomorrow and don’t forget about fiction Saturday’s!  New podcast coming Thursday…


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  1. You know I agree with you on this one. Blogger Beats is awesome! And now with the music only mixes, you can choose if today is a day you need inspiration/motivation or if you just want the beats to push you through your work! Great review, Justin.

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