May 272014

Hey everyone.  Have you heard this before?  Does anyone even care?

No Tears for the Creatures

No Tears for the Creatures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well I do believe that you will be treated to some new posts.  SAHD Friday, Poetry Tuesday…meanderings from my brain the rest of the week.  Saturday Fiction may even come back.

Today, I wanted to go on about something that I think I have hit before, the amount of input the world gives us.  Right now, there are 2 TV’s showing stuff to the kids and I am listening to a podcast while typing this.  How much is too much?  Where do we draw the line, and how can we manage this whole electronic life that we are or have created.

I for one am trying to figure out how to read all of the things on the internet, read all of the emails (or just delete the things), and listen to all of the podcasts that are keeping me from recording my own.  You see, there are plans, then there are implementation.  Some things you just have to push delete, or shut off.  I unplugged the TV and took the cord the other day, just to get the kids to stop watching the damn thing.

I read an email the other day by the wonderful Johnny B. Truant, where he is trying to help people be “legendary”.  You can click HERE to join his email list and get your own manifesto, “How to Be Legendary.”  It is great but not the focus of this post.

In the email Johnny is willing to set up websites for people who are DO-ERS. He calls it SHIPPING your self or your stuff out into the world.  I have let that go in the last little while.  I have not shipped any of my stuff or myself lately.  I have not been putting myself out there, I have not been letting people into my world.  I have to get back to that.

On my wife’s site, Brenda’s Quilt Shop, it has been sitting nearly idle for quite a while.  We have been making jewelry lately, bracelets and ID lanyards and it has taken months to get photographed and put on the web.  I have no excuse, I am not DO-ING.  I keep putting things off and not taking this job really seriously, but I am finding the switch.  I am turning the corner and growing up.  Maybe, just maybe, I will stop feeling like a 14 year old kid, and get some money made over here on the net.  A lot of this is due to reading Johnny’s manifesto.

I have to get back to writing mine.  More to come here on Catharsis of the Bogue….including podcasts!

Talk later,


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  2 Responses to “Return of the Bogue…”

  1. Justin channeling Johnny, now that’s something to fear.

  2. That would be kind of cool actually….I would like to channel his paypal account for a day.

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